Procedure of Accepting Claims for Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

In case your car is damaged as a result of a road accident in the country and the other driver is at fault, you will be granted a full assistance in the offices of VIG Services for the registration and compiling of the file, visual inspection and documenting of the damages and forwarding the file to the respective insurer for payment.

For that purpose it is necessary for you to visit any of our offices where you will be given assistance by our employees in filling the claim forms.

Settlement of claims in Bulgaria is performed in strict compliance with the Insurance Code and Ordinance No 24 of the Financial Supervision Commission of the Republic of Bulgaria, which is mandatory for all insurers operating in the country. The Company settles claims of Vienna Insurance Group in Bulgaria - Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group ZAD and ZK Balgarski Imoti AD, as well as – to other insurers on the market like i.e. The Guarantee Fund.

In the event of a ROAD ACCIDENT ABROAD, where the other party is at fault, the Company may offer to you a full assistance for the filing and settlement of a claim to the other party’s insurer – by virtue of the Fourth EU Directive on Motor Insurance.