Filing of Claims under the 4-th Directive

If your car is damaged in Bulgaria or abroad from a road accident caused by a driver who holds a Third Party Liability Insurance with a Company of the European Union, Switzerland, Croatia or Andorra in accordance with the Fourth EU Directive on Motor Insurance, you may report a claim to the Bulgarian representative of the respective insurer, who shall be obliged to process it and to pay the insurance compensation due.

As an authorized representative of Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group ZAD and ZK Balgarski Imoti AD, VIG Services Bulgaria EOOD has the right, by virtue of its contractual relations, to represent in the country all foreign insurers which are in contractual relations with the above-mentioned two companies. In such cases, the compensation shall be paid by the above two companies, which shall thereafter file a claim for reimbursement of the sums from the foreign insurer.

Further information and a list of the insurers represented by us under the Fourth EU Directive on Motor Insurance is available on the website of the Guarantee Fund or by the respective link on the following website